If you're looking to expand your overall professional development or receive guidance about private practice or community mental health laws/rules/requirements/forms/etc...WE CAN HELP!

Our years of experience as a clinical director & program director in both private practice and community mental health agencies will support you through this process. We have successfully developed, and navigated, from the ground up:

  • Clinical Forms & Documentation

  • Mental Health Programming (PHP, IOP, Residential, Groups, etc.)

  • Clinical Policies, Procedures, Frameworks for Agencies

  • CARF, Joint Commission, COA, Medicaid, Medicare (Approvals, Reviews, Recertifications)

  • Ethical concerns, questions, and any interactions with The Board (CSWMFT Board, Ohio)

  • Boundaries, Dual Relationships, Standards

  • Ohio Laws, Ohio Rules, Ohio Revised Code, Ohio Administrative Code

...and much, MUCH, more...

Hourly Rate: $75.00

General Professional Development


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